Mindfulness Business Talks

After training as a Mindfulness Teacher a few years ago, I have decided to create a talk to take into businesses, starting in August/September 2024.


''I’m here today to bring some understanding and I hope some calm and a simple technique to help you cope better on a daily basis with challenging situations.

I would like to share with you my own life lesson in how to cope better when times get difficult and how life and relationships and the way we view things based on either past experiences or expectations shape the way we react and respond. And also the ability we have for change. The benefits of living in the present moment the importance of human connections and finally an example of when I used this technique during a very traumatic time of my life. We are all far from perfect, and that’s not what this talk is about. How you choose to behave, respond or react, it's a choice, and it's your choice! in any given moment in time you can stop, you can take a breath and you can think, then choose how you respond. In any given moment, you can change your mind, change your ways and ultimately change your life. But you have to be aware of these moments when they arise and acknowledge them before they pass you by and that takes practise and awareness and it takes us to want to make that change in ourselves.''


More information to follow...

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