Group Clinics

If 1:1 isn't for you, I offer group clinics for up to 14 people at the tranquil Burrough Court, Burrough on the hill in Leicestershire. There is plenty of parking and cafe on site. The meeting room I use is spacious, private and comfortable, refreshments are served half way through the event.


Mindfulness for miserable people -

Are you unhappy and miserable a lot of the time. Does your partner, family, children, work colleagues, friends tell you, you are miserable. Are you in denial? Is the pressure of life, work and family, money, parents, ambition getting too much. If so this is for you!


Mindfulness for those who can't let go -

Are you the type of person who can't let anything go? do you carrying bad news, past failures or upsets around with you for years? do you find it's hard to shrug them off? have others told you you do this? are you upsetting family, freinds and work colleagues because they tell you, you can't move on? 

Mindfulness for eternal multi taskers

Are you busy 24/7? do you think the answer is to work even harder? do you miss evenings out, never take time off, miss your kids school events? don't go on holiday? get nothing done at home? work stupid hours? and the complain about it all?

Mindfulness for people looking for balance and less guilt

Are you wracked by mum/dad/child/parent/friend guilt? do you never have time for family and friends? do you feel guilty about everything? leaving your kids, not seeing your friends and family? do yo feel guilty about your life, work, weight, appearance, failure?

Book online at Eventbrite, follow the NEWS tab for up and coming sessions

These sessions run for 2 hours, always on a Thursday afternoon from 1-3 with a break mid way through. This is a broadly based session so please be aware we can not spend too much time devoted to individual issues and questions. Please not you are part of a group and I am unable to devote too much time to individual people.

I try to include every type of problem or challenge faced by people who match these headings with advice, background information and coping tools to help them overcome their challenges. No photo's are taken, no sharing on social media, these sessions are private to all who attend.

The cost for one of my group clinics is £120 per person.

*Please note refunds are only available if notified 24 hours before an event or you are welcome to cancel and move it to another date.