Teen Talks

Before starting my children's books I had always intended to hold local talks for teens. Something that is incredibly important to me is the misunderstanding some teens and young people have about the changes going on in their minds and bodies at this crucial age and why they feel the way they do, which is normal and natural.

My 40 minute talk is empathetic, understanding, explanatory and also full of hope and encouragement with one huge life lesson to enable them to cope better in challenging situations. I share a life lesson I learnt when I was 17 and studying A'Level psychology.

This talk is very new, I have written it because my children age 21 and 17 have encouraged me too, it has a thread of mindfulness and a huge dose of common sense.

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At the moment it will remain local to Leicestershire but I do hope in time I can travel further afield with it. Please follow the main home page towards the bottom for dates of talks. Open to people age 13-20 and their parents. There will be a very small cost to attend.